About Me...

I'm currently studying a Masters of teaching Primary at Australian Catholic University.
I have created this blog with the hopes that upon personal reflection I will become a better teacher. I also hope that all you other education experts can inspire me with your words of wisdom and thoughtful ideas.

Between 2008- 2010 I completed a Bachelor of Inclusive Education and Disability Studies. Through this course I have developed a passion for inclusive education and as a teacher will strive to make the classroom a learning environment comfortable for all students no matter what their ability. As a requirement I  completed three hundred hours of fieldwork.

In 2008 I completed one hundred hours of fieldwork in a school specifically catering for students of moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. For me this was a real eye opener for up until this time I don't believe I'd even met anyone with an intellectual disability. I also found it hard as many of the students also had a physical disability as well as an intellectual disability and the amount of care these students required was out of this world. I am in admiration of these students' full time carers!

In 2009 I completed one hundred hours of fieldwork in a support unit at a public school. My experiences at this school taught me how dangerous a staffroom can be! I had to be careful where I sat and ate my lunch and who I sat next to in case my classroom teacher did not approve! The staff dynamics at this particular school were the most venomous I have heard of yet!

In 2010 I completed one hundred hours of fieldwork in a private school. The pressures placed on teachers in such schools as this one are enormous- because the families pay so much for their children to attend they expect the results to come with it. I also noticed the difference between the students at the is particular school in comparison to to other schools I had visited. It is a sad day when a student is embarrassed to be picked up in Toyota Camry and not a BMW.

On the side work as a learn to swim instructor and as a swimming coach (I swam myself when I was younger).

I'm still dating my high school sweetheart... Six years and still going strong! Andrew <3

I'm a headstrong, stubborn and yet loyal and loving Leo.

I'm a huge dog lover and have two puppies of my own. Buster and Billy <3